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Learning for Life

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Our Ethos and Values



Samuel Rhodes School is a safe and creative learning environment where children can enjoy, learn and excel.

We support each other to play a positive role in a changing society and lead a fulfilled life.


SRS Values


SRS Values represents the core areas of ‘Learning for Life’ that enable our young people to succeed.

We believe that each area has importance in building our young people’s ability to transition into adulthood and become valued members of society.



  • Engaging in the community and making informed choices
  • Developing problem solving and risk assessment skills
  • Always taking steps towards independent living



  • Supporting everyone to achieve their full potential
  • Building the desire to achieve future goals
  • Growing confidence and feel good about success



  • Feeling safe to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Learning appropriate social skills in a secure environment
  • Building knowledge



  • Taking on increasing challenge
  • Developing emotional regulation skills
  • Overcoming barriers to life and learning



  • Developing healthy and meaningful friendships
  • Feeling appreciation for self and others
  • Speaking and Listening to each other with kindness and patience



  • Approaching diversity with tolerance and acceptance
  • Celebrating uniqueness
  • Growing an understanding of human rights.