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Curriculum intent


At Samuel Rhodes pupils follow the national curriculum which is differentiated for the wide range of needs within our cohort.  They are grouped by ‘stage not age’ and this ensures that all pupils learn at an appropriate level.  The curriculum is planned and sequenced to ensure pupils build up skills and knowledge that ensures they achieve ambitious outcomes.


We believe that pupils’ positive self-worth is absolutely essential to their access to learning, development and necessary for them to reach their full potential.  We pride ourselves in the comprehensive holistic support we provide in collaboration with families and other agencies. We consider this emotional learning to be part of our curriculum.

The curriculum is weighted towards the development of key skills necessary to successfully access the local community, further education and the workplace.  Independence, life skills, & careers are taught from reception to year 14. 


We are committed to every pupil accessing a meaningful place within the community when they leave school, and to avoid the isolation and dependence that they are at risk of statistically. In key stage 4 & 5 pupils take relevant qualifications, learn vocational skills and benefit from a wide range of contact with the workplace.  The school has established and continues to pursue additional partnerships that enable us to diversify our curriculum and ensures it remains current, purposeful and has long-lasting impact.


Emotional regulation and how to build and maintain relationships is supported by daily whole school interventions and bespoke individualised support. Pupils learn about their own talents and what strategies and environments best support them to reach their goals. 

Pupils are encouraged to advocate for themselves and parents and carers work closely with the school and team of professionals from other agencies so they can leave being confident, well-connected lifelong learners.


Our curriculum celebrates the diverse community in which our pupils live.  We expect and champion inclusion and acceptance. We expect and champion inclusion and acceptance. We remain committed to everyone understanding our uniqueness and difference.