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The internet provides a fantastic place for young people to learn and play, however, sometimes upsetting things or communications can happen. For example, by accidentally clicking a link, opening an unknown attachment, or being sent unkind messages. It's also important to remember that some online content is not suitable for under 18s and  may pose further worry to young people with additional needs, particularly those with a very literal   understanding. 

There are lots of resources that can help us to keep young people safe. They are regularly taught about online safety at school but there are also resources for families.




Conversation starter ideas

A simple and effective way to get involved in your child's online life is through discussion.  Talking things through is the best way to help your child access the amazing resources the internet has to offer whilst keeping them safe online. 

  • What happens when you’ve been using technology for too long? (To your body? To your mood? To your device?)
  • What are the good things about technology in your day? 
  • What are the bad things about technology in your day? Why?
  • What could you do if someone was upset or worried about something that happened online?
  • Who could you talk to if someone was upset or worried about something that happened online? 


Staying safe online and on social media has been particularly important during lockdown. The weekly E-safety letters that were sent to parents to support with staying safe online can all be found here: