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We Work With

Greenhouse Sports Charity

Greenhouse Sports Charity (GS) aims to provide an outstanding PE provision and extra-curricular activities at both primary and secondary school. Participants learn to develop their social, emotional and thinking skills, such as respect, fair play and reflecting upon their feelings, whilst exploring their physical capabilities. Extra-curricular activities include basketball, tennis and football after school clubs as well as swimming at primary school.


GS also lead the school’s sport leadership programme that aims to challenge a participant’s confidence, commitment, and teamwork skills, as well as increase their employability after school. At primary, participants are introduced to sports leadership at Key Stage 2. They progress to Young Leaders Awards in Key Stage 3 and the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Sport Leaders UK Level 1 Qualification in Key Stage 4 & 5.  


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National Youth Theatre

Over the past 2 years the Creative Arts department have been evolving our working relationship with National Youth Theatre.

They first approached us to be a flagship SEN school to improve inclusive opportunities in the arts for young people with special educational needs and disabilities. NYT have been keen to work closely with our staff and pupils to develop their SEN knowledge and practise and consider ways of being more inclusive.


We have accessed a range of opportunities to work closely with NYT over the past few years.  From workshops to after school clubs to employability sessions. A lot of the workshops and clubs have been virtual this year but the engagement and participation has been excellent. ​


  • Virtual drama club. This happened every Wednesday during lockdown 1 via zoom. We had around 20 members. ​

  • KS3 Creative Arts workshops March 2021. The NYT ambassadors/ facilitators led a superheroes project working with each KS3 class for 2 sessions. We had 48 pupils access this in total.  

  • KS5 work skills. During January- April 2021 NYT worked with the KS5 group linking to their employability modules. They worked on CV’s and interview skills. This is now leading to work experience opportunities at NYT’s theatre/ base for students have a specific interest for jobs in the arts sector.

  • Drama Club launched on site at the end of May for 12 students. We had 31 students show interest. They will be part of the TATE ‘I am Festival’. Last year one of our year 10 students got a place on the prestigious summer programme due to taking part in the drama club- we’re hoping that some of the new group can audition this year.  ​

We have already started planning for 2021/2022. We are developing the partnership each year and we are very excited for the wonderful possibilities. We hope to have more WEX opportunities and that these projects will lead to our students accessing the renowned summer programme.


From September we will have NYT facilitators based at our school part time every week to support and grow the creative arts department.